5 Simple Step Guide to SEO

Seo is one of the fundamental element in all the digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing without SEO is incomplete, and we can, therefore, conclude that SEO is the activity that improves the search engine ranking, i.e. google, yahoo, bing or other web search tools.


Guide to improve your SEO ranking for a beginner.


Target right Keywords


One of the essential aspects for SEO ranking is by targeting the right keyword. All those who what to access specific information from the internet will always search for the keyword.so when optimizing your content take into account the recent searches and analysis, making it easy for the keyword easy determined by some free Google products and paid tools. Create primarily and secondary keyword for better visibility and large target group.


Unique and quality content


Your content is the second factor that you have to put into consideration for an SEO purpose. Have quality and unique content easy for the users to understand and simple.  You should provide value to your readers and have engaging content, the more time a reader spends time on your site the bounce time decreases and the rank is increased by google. Provide unique and valuable content for your readers to increase your rank.


Meta tag


These are HTML keywords and do not appear on the search engine result page but in the code of the page. Title tags the show on google links and the description tags as lines under the link. The meta tags should have all the related keywords of your content. You can improve the ranking by having suitable and unique keywords on the meta tags.


Social media networks


If you need to increase your Google ranking, always market your content on different social media platforms like facebook, youtube, Linkedin, Google+, here you will discover a large group of people. Again participation in social sharing sites is necessary if you have don’t have any social media account and fan page so you are not building up a network that can help share your content, site and brand. Understanding the advantages of social media networking can make your site ahead of your competitors. 


Mobile friendly


With the advancement of technology, it has become important that those are targeting to improve their SEO ranking to develop a mobile-friendly site. This is because Google uses the mobile version to resolve to rank.